The AAHIMA Board aims to strengthen the local association component to take a leading role at the state level, while also maintaining strong connections with the Alamo district. Your assistance is crucial in achieving this objective.

There are various opportunities where volunteers are essential. Whether it's organizing the annual conference or assisting with the implementation of recent bylaws changes, there's likely something you're interested in or eager to learn about. Joining a AAHIMA Volunteer group is a fantastic way to network with other HIM professionals while contributing to AAHIMA's objectives.

Committees typically convene quarterly, depending on demand. Some may meet more or less frequently as project deadlines approach. The time commitment for meetings averages around 1-2 hours per month. Occasionally, there may be tasks outside of scheduled meetings, but generally, serving on a committee requires no more than 1-4 hours per month.

If you're keen on volunteering for AAHIMA, please fill out the form below with your contact details.

We hope you'll consider lending your support. AAHIMA relies on your assistance to make the Alamo Area the strongest CSA around!

Volunteer Roles and Descriptions

WebPage Assistance

Interesting in seeing how the dough is made? Well, by dough, I mean website, if you love graphic design and webpage management, we would love to have you volunteer with us to brighten the overall experience.


Snap! Snap! Snap! Oh hello! I see you snapping pictures there! Interested in volunteering your skills for our in-person meeting? We would love to have you participate and snap some amazing pictures to share to the organization! 

Workshop Volunteering

Do organization/workshop preparation and coordination excite you? Maybe greeting people is your jam? Somewhere in between! Volunteer with us!

Additional Volunteer Needs

If you're keen on volunteering anywhere within AAHIMA, please fill out the form below and indicate how you'd like to contribute. There are numerous visible and behind-the-scenes supporting roles, and we're eager to collaborate with you!

Interested? Complete this form!

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